Majesty Skis


Majesty Skis – Superior LTD 2022

Majesty Skis Superior LTD 2022 are hybrid technology skis that deliver a perfect combo of float and all the benefits and ease of rocker design and the snappy suspension, and control of the camber.

Majesty Skis – Velvet 2022

Majesty Skis Velvet 2022 are lightweight backcountry skis designed especially with all our adventure seeking ladies in mind.

Majesty Skis – Local Beauty 2022

Majesty Skis Local Beauty 2022 have a soft and forgiving directional flex, they are also lightweight and responsive thanks to poplar and ash woodcore.

Majesty Skis – Rogue 2022

Majesty Skis Rogue are 100mm-underfoot all-terrain skis designed especially for those who are seeking adventures.

Majesty Skis – Dirty Bear 2022

The Dirty Bear 2022 is the most versatile and classic ski from Majesty Skis that combines the best of freeride and freestyle.


PRIME Skiing #37 – Ab sofort verfügbar

PRIME Skiing #37 – Ab sofort verfügbar

Die PRIME Skiing Printausgabe #37 ist ab sofort erhältlich. Die Ausgabe erscheint weiterhin auf extra dickem Papier und mit vielen spannenden Artikeln und Stories. Hier sind die Highlights der dritten Ausgabe des Winters 2022/2023.


Majesty Skis – Vandal 2022

Majesty Skis Vandal 2022: All-rounders for the park, slope and backcountry.

Majesty Skis – Vadera 2022

The Majesty Skis Vadera 2022 is a everyday women specific freeride skis.

Majesty Skis – Vanguard 2022

Although designed for big mountain performance, The Majesty Skis Vanguard 2022 is a quick turning and versatile big mountain powder skis.

Majesty Skis – Havoc 2022

The Majesty Skis Havoc 2022 is a great technical everyday freeride ski.