It’s the challenge of a lifetime: For the first time in history, freeskiing is an official discipline at the Olympics. This documentary follows the Swiss Freeski Team on its unforgettable journey to Sochi 2014.
It is a movie about a group of great friends. A movie about success and defeat, about personal fate. A document of those times, in which the crazy sport freeskiing becomes (a little bit) grown-up.
Filmmaker Elmar Bossard follows the Swiss Freeski Team as a team member in the year of the Olympic premiere. From the summer camps in Saas-Fee to the first comps in NZL and the last worldcups just before Sochi. He witnesses dreams that are dreamt and dreams that are shattered within seconds.
Finally he comes to the conclusion that despite all the competitions, all the fame and all the pressure there is one thing that unites all the athletes of the Swiss Freeski Team: their passionate and unconditional love for freeskiing.