Modelljahr: 2022

Längen: 170, 177, 183, 189cm
  • 134/106/124
  • 16m @ 170cm
  • 17m @ 177cm
  • 18m @ 183cm
  • 19m @ 189cm
  • 2.050g @ 170cm
  • 2.230g @ 177cm
  • 2.290g @ 183cm
  • 2.450g @ 189cm
Kern: Maple Wood Core
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: Freeride

Weitere Infos

  • Titnal Metal Laminate
  • Full Height Sidewalls
  • Extra Thick Edge
  • High Perfomance Base
  • Rubber Laminate
  • Quasitropic Fiberglass
  • High Definition Digital Printing
Preis (UVP): 729€

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J-Skis – The Hotshot Sunrise 2022

Text: JSkis

A badass freeride ski with smooth power and playful float that instills confidence to conquer any terrain.

The Artwork – Brooks Salzwedel x J Collab

This is our 2nd collaboration with California based artist Brooks Salzwedel. The first ski we did together the „Lone Pine“ sold out crazy fast, so we wanted to offer everyone that missed out another chance to own his one-of-a-kind art on a pair of J skis.

He’s spent years developing his own very unique process hand drawing and painting on multiple layers of materials and then laminating them in clear liquid acrylic. The result is a flat piece of art with the illusion of being very three dimensional, with incredible depth as if you’re looking at a real photograph.

This piece was inspired by Brooks childhood at summer camp occasionally waking up really early and catching the sunrise, as well as other inspirations as he explains, „The piece is more or less based on my time in summer camp when I was a child. We were in some mountains near Southern California which is also why you’ll see some palm trees in the piece. There’s also something familiar about the pine trees with palm trees professedly unrelated, together in one space. Also the difference of one tree seemingly alive with foliage and movement while the other is dead and unwavering, holding strength. The child-like drawings lightly scattered around the center of which one is of an A-frame type structure similar to the cabins we stayed in.

A few years ago I went hiking in the San Bernardino mountains, early during a foggy morning which is when I saw the large dead tree on the right, at the entrance to the hiking path was summer camp for kids, it could have easily have been the same one from many years before.🤷

I’m building only 450 pair of these Limited edition skis and hand-signing and numbering each. I’m sure these will sell as fast as the last ones did, so grab a pair before they’re gone… again!

J-Skis – The Hotshot 2022

The Hotshot” charges harder and surfs easier than other Freeride skis backed by a massive sweet spot that feels intuitive and easy to handle in all terrain and conditions with no speed limit. We optimized the shape and location of the “Light Metal” Titanal laminate to add more power where you need it, and reduced weight where you don’t.

The result is a powerful, smooth, stable ski that will boost your confidence blasting through chop, bumps, and stomping landings like a pro.

Like all J skis, The Hotshot maintains unmatched precision when ripping groomers. Just roll it over and the entire edge including the rockered tips become fully engaged for a solid reliable feel.



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