Modelljahr: 2022

Längen: 177, 183, 189cm
  • 143/117/133
  • 2.230g @ 177cm
  • 2.310g @ 183cm
  • 2.480g @ 189cm
Kern: Maple Wood Core
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: Freeride

Weitere Infos

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Full Height Sidewalls
  • Extra Thick Edge
  • High Performance Base
  • Rubber Laminate
  • Quasitropic Fiberglass
  • High Definition Digital Printing
Preis (UVP): 799€

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J-Skis – The Friend Moondogs 2022

Text: JSkis

Effortlessly surf and play in powder with versatility to charge hard and blast through chop.

The Artwork – David Hale III X J Collab

David Hale is a legend in the tattoo industry, with fans waiting months, even years for a chance to decorate their body with his masterpiece. Based in Athens, Georgia, David has spent much of his childhood and still today outside exploring, as he says, „I live out in the woods“. He is constantly inspired by his natural surroundings, driving him to create the amazing one-of-a-kind artwork you see on these skis. It’s a real honor to collaborate with David and continue to bring his beautiful artwork to life on our skis.

He originally carved this Moondog art into a wooden board, then rolled ink on top of the un-carved surface and transferred it onto paper for a very unique hand crafted texture, and look (see him demonstrate in the video below). We decided to put this piece on our fattest ski, „The Friend“ because it really came to life on the wide pow ski canvas. This graphic looks even more amazing out on the hill floating, surfing and slashing through the pow.

You’ll be one of only a few powder hounds with these rare J’s on your feet! I’m building only 350 pair of these Limited edition beauties and hand signing and numbering each pair. Grab a yours before these one-of-a-kind skis sell out…

J-Skis – The Friend 2022

„The Max“ is built for smaller riders and made with the exact same materials, construction and technology as all of my high performance adult skis… a first-of-its-kind in the ski industry! The Maple Wood Core, full sidewalls, extra thick base and edges and modern geometry all come together to empower smaller shredders to keep up with the pros.

This is an extremely versatile, easy to maneuver ski that will rip high speed carves on icy groomers as well as it will throw tricks in the park and surf the deep pow. It’s got maximized construction for maximum durability, maximum performance, and maximum enjoyment. This is the end of crappy kid’s skis, it’s time to Max out your potential!



2.230g @ 177cm
2.310g @ 183cm
2.480g @ 189cm
2.230g @ 177cm
2.310g @ 183cm
2.480g @ 189cm
2.230g @ 177cm
2.310g @ 183cm
2.480g @ 189cm