iF3 Festival 2015 TRAILER

Zum neunten Mal findet heuer schon das iF3 Festival in Montreal statt. Mit dabei natürlich wieder die heißesten Kracher des Jahres. Wer glaubt ihr staubt die Awards dieses Jahr ab?


Produced by iF3 Festival & LP Productions
Directed/Edited by LP Sansfaçon
iF3 Visual Designs by Crésus Design
Motion Graphics by Pierre-Olivier Nantel
Sound Design by LP Sansfacon
Music by Marc Bell for Troublemakers

Footage courtesy of:
Legs Of Steel
Good Company
Gpsy Feelin
Vecom Video
JF Houle
Shades Of Winter
Teton Gravity Research
Nimbus Independent
Clayton Vila
Line Travelling Circus
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DPS Cinematic
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Inspired Media Concepts
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