A Walk in the Park – Joona Kangas

Die “A Walk in the Park” Videoserie von Jiberish steht für allerbeste Park-Action mit den Teammembern der Clothing Brand und mit Joona Kangas ist nun einer unserer Lieblingsrider aus Finnland an der Reihe!

“Long-time Jiberish fam Joona Kangas has always had a creative eye, not just in the way he skis, but in the way he sees the entire mountain. After years of shredding all over the globe, skiing in the Olympics, and releasing a handful of standout video segments as part of the Keesh Life crew, we were finally able to link with Joona for A Walk in the Park. Shot on location at his home mountain Levi, in Lappi Finland, Joona did exactly what we expected and put together a mind-bending edit featuring a handful of tricks that we’ve never seen, or even imagined.”

Filmed and edited by Zenja Potapov in Levi, Lappi, Finland